The Thrills and Uncertainties that Unplanned Trips might Surprise a Travel Photographer

After slogging at a stretch for hours at the computer, following the same routine, a person might crave for a break. While many might just have a meltdown or a nervous breakdown, many others might just step out. They might just have their passport, some cash, and leave without any idea or plan in mind.

Such people who walk out without nothing but a map and the above essentials and a camera or a notebook-pen in hand, are the travelers of the truest type. They are so eager to break the mundane life that they would not even think of planning the trip, booking the tickets in a reserved flight or train or even a bus. They might just be ready to hitchhike anywhere and seek lift from random buses and trucks at any time of the day.

What makes unplanned trips so enjoyable?

The unplanned trips are fun since there is no certainty to the place that one would be visiting or the views that one would be getting to see. This just means that one can even get to visit new place or have a completely new sights to set eyes upon. That just makes the trip so superb and very enjoyable. Michael Haddad is a travel photographer, along with being a university professor and he too likes to take in such challenges now and then to explore the uncharted world ahead.

Unplanned trips are usually solo unless one lives with a roommate or has a friend living close by and who is equally crazy to just pack in and leave to nowhere at any time. This is also one of the times, one might just not be able to carry many things along and the only things that one might not afford to miss out would be the camera, a notepad, and a pen besides the most basic clothing and snacks.

These unplanned trips to new far off places would be fun even if one decides to drive down or simply go on public transport and not stop at any place for more than half a day. The thrill of the sights to see or even attend impromptu festivals or see people of a different culture altogether is very high. Likewise, one just has to be good at the art of handling cameras at the last moment.

The senses should be alert and open to all kinds of sights and not miss out on any event that might happen at a moment’s notice. This is why the traveler, like Michael Haddad with great reflexes would be taking up some of the best shots at every sight.

One cannot ignore the fact that a travel photographer who is also a hitchhiker might not often get the best hotels to stay or have a la carte meals at fancy restaurants at all times. This is surely a far cry from the kind of lifestyle that one gets to see in movies still the driving force is plainly to go on where the road takes one to.