Soka Gakkai Singapore- Understanding the Message of The Buddha!

Soka Gakkai International is a diverse Buddhist community that has touched the lives of many people across the world. Today there are 12 billion followers that practice the tenets of Nichiren Buddhism and The Lotus Sutra. The community is considered one of the most powerful support groups when it comes to the promotion of global peace and harmony across all the nations of the world.

Soka Gakkai Singapore- Enriching the lives of people with the tenets of Buddhism

Nichiren Buddhism and The Lotus Sutra are practiced by members of the Soka Gakkai Singapore center. Here, the members of the center meet regularly and recite the powerful Buddhist mantra Nam Myoho Renge Kho. This mantra relates to the Mystic Law of Cause and Effect. Here. Everyone realizes the fact that the Buddha resides in every man and woman. They with daily meditation and practice are able to discover means and ways via which they can address the different challenges in their lives. They get the wisdom, courage and compassion to positively transform their lives and make it happy and blissful.

Cultivate the message of love and peace

When you embrace the tenets of Buddhism in your life, you no longer hate anyone. You discover that the solution for all your problems are within you. This is why you become empowered and you start transforming your life. You accept yourself the way you are and you also begin to accept others as well. The message of love and peace are so strong that you start to resent violence, anger and conflict. In the wake of terrorism and violence, the message of peace is very important.

Discussion groups for support and love

The members of the Soka Gakkai International community meet regularly at discussion group meetings that are held in the homes of the members. They chant mantras and recite them together. They share their experiences and how exposure to Buddhism has enriched their lives. Each member gives the other member support and they tend to share their stories as well. The members are happy that they meet on a regular basis. They are against nuclear weapons and war. They take the onus to spread peace in the world. There are many celebrities too that are members of this Buddhist community. They include Tina Turner, Boy George and Orlando Bloom.

The Soka Gakkai Singapore community center regularly organizes events and workshops. They spread the message of peace and harmony among the members. The members are happy when they are exposed to Buddhism and its way of life. There are several people that have managed to address their problems and improved their way of life with the aid of meditation and regular chants. The SGI network is increasing with every passing day. The number of Buddhists in Singapore are large and with this community around, they are able to get a support group where they can practice the tenets of Nichiren Buddhism together. They can join hands against the evils of nuclear disarmament and march together towards global peace with success!