Protect Your Business Information With Cyber Security Expert Richard Blech

In today’s world, businesses of various sizes find it convenient to use the internet to sell their products and services to the public. In the course of conducting their commercial activities these organizations come across and store their customers’ sensitive information when they shop online for their needs. Such establishments go out of the way to ensure their business websites are totally secure and foolproof. However, there have been instances when nefarious individuals have successful in stealing such data by hacking into such sites. Richard Blech , a prominent cyber security expert from the United States and the CEO of Secure Channels Inc., says data security is an important issue that corporate enterprises around the world have to address.

This cyber security expert goes on to explain that business understand the importance to take sufficient measures to safeguard their clients’ sensitive data and identity from unauthorized individuals. However, whenever a security breach does take place, it not only tarnishes the reputation of the organization in the minds of online shoppers but also has a negative affect the bottom-line profits. He points out the following important steps business establishments can take to protect their customers’ sensitive data from hackers:

Adopting a strict policy on guarding sensitive information

Businesses need to adopt a more stringent policy when it comes disclosing their own and their clients’ sensitive information to outsiders. They need to take necessary steps verify the identity of the individuals asking for such data and ensure they are genuine. This is because hackers usually come to know of such organization’s customers from various social security sites and use it as a pretext to get the information they need.

Encrypt all important information

Mr. Blech further clarifies that commercial organizations should also take necessary steps to encrypt all their sensitive business and customer data. He says these establishments can buy various software programs in the market that enable them to convert such sensitive information into an encoded format, which is nefarious individuals cannot hack.

Dispose of sensitive information after a certain period

When online shoppers buy an organization’s products or services, they normally use plastic money. This cyber security expert states it is the responsibility of business establishments to destroy such credit or debit card numbers, their dates of expiry and verification codes after a certain period. This goes a long way in securing the sensitive data of their clients and makes these businesses less vulnerable to hacking.

Ask customers to provide stronger passwords

In addition to introducing and executing various data security measures, business organizations should ask their customers to provide stronger passwords when they shop online. The employees of such establishments should encourage these people to use a combination of letters, symbols and numbers in such a way it becomes difficult for hackers to breach these codes.

Taking necessary steps to prevent cyber security breaches can save business organizations a lot of money. Richard Blech says such establishments should making cyber security training compulsory to all their employees and not share their clients’ details with anyone when they are working online. Such measures go a long way in improving the image of such businesses in the minds of their customers.

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