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I signed up for my membership but the website said something went wrong and that the transaction was cancelled but I was still charged. First off, if a student who was preparing for a 50 question test studied enough to have a mastery of all 500 questions, then that student obviously deserves to do well on the test, and I can’t think of how that would test bank be cheating (unless he used a crib sheet or something).

If the professor is asking students to answer questions from the book for homework then using test banks provided by the publisher helps to insure that the questions are asked in a way that the students are familiar with thus testing their ability to apply the information.

Once you have installed it on your computer, you should then see in your PROGRAMS queue, three new icons, for the Import Utility, Test Generator, and Test Manager (Windows platform) or on in your Applications directory Macintosh HD\Applications\eInstruction\ExamView (Mac platform).

Bare minimum, once they sit down and see the test, red flags should have gone up. Additionally, we allegedly have students bragging about how having the test bank equated to knowing the answers before hand and that this advantage allowed them to ace the exam.

The students were using a resource of test questions that, as far as they knew and had been told, would NOT be on the test, but that would test their knowledge of the subject matter. Each exam must be unique (no duplicates or alternate versions of the same test), have the course number, professor’s name, exam number, and semester on the test to receive a point.