Nutrient Dense Diet to Stay Healthy and Get Rid Of Diseases

Nutrient dense food would ensure that fat in the body is reduced and help the person o stay healthy. The nature foods consist of essential nutrients that would help the body to get all the essential materials and would also prevent chemical addition to the body.

Foods that are high in nutrients and low in calorie are nutrient dense foods. The aim of every person looking for a diet regime is to throw of empty calorie from the body like that getting from sugar drinks and alcohol.

Geoffrey Morell is a renowned person who advocates for the use of nutrient foods that has some benefits for the body as a whole. A regular intake of nutrient rich food would bring positive changes to body and mind.

Some nutrient foods that one should include in diet

  • Beans are a nutrient food that is rich in fibre. A fibre rich food is supposed to bring down the chances of getting bowel cancer. Colon cancer is another cancer that can be avoided by regular intake of beans and beans are also fund to regulate blood pressure.
  • Onions can be classified as a super food that reduces inflammation in the body and that allows blood flow to increase. Many people avoid onion due to stringent smell, but they are missing, on food that gives immense benefits to the body naturally.
  • Mushrooms have the power to combat occurring of DNA damage, and this food is ideal to combat the occurrence of breast cancer.
  • Berries are natural anti oxidants, and they also reduce blood pressure and cancer causing elements. Dark colored berries also increase the iron content of the body and increase the blood flow.
  • An intake of seeds is recommended by renowned persons like Geoffrey Morell . The reason is that seeds have the best nutrients available. An intake of a watermelon seed and pumpkin seed would help the body to get Zinc. Zinc is essential for the production of quality sperm, and that nutrient is necessary for infertility treatments. Flax seed and sesame seed comes with a rich dose of nutrients that can help the body. Seeds are also found to improve hair growth in the body and would reduce hair fall.

Leafy green vegetables are good for many things like prevention of cancer and so on. Green leafy vegetables are less starchy, and they would release less fat. Vegetables do not promote bad cholesterol in the body but would improve the good cholesterol in the body and would help the body to stay healthy.

Vitamin B6 and energy producing magnesium is needed in the body to make sure that a person does not feel fatigue. Banana is a rich source of magnesium, and this will increase the energy level of the body. Protein rich foods and an abundant intake of water are necessary. Water increases the fluid movement in the stomach and would help in reducing joint pain. Whole grain foods are found to be beneficial in staying healthy.