Find Wedding Favors for Your Wedding Party

Wedding favors are modest gifts given during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception to guests from the bride and groom as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude.

The tradition of wedding favors is a very old one. It’s thought that the marriage favor, common amongst European aristocrats, was called a bonbonniere. A bonbonniere is a little trinket box made from crystal, porcelain, stones. The contents of those boxes that are precious were sugar cubes or confections, which symbolize royalty and wealth. (In this age, sugar was a costly commodity and was treasured only one of the wealthy. It was believed that sugar contained medical benefits). Since the price of sugar decreased through centuries, the tradition of providing guests with gifts attained the general population and was embraced by couples of small means.

Bonbonnieres were substituted one of the small with almonds, as sugar became more affordable. Almonds were dispersed to wedding guests to signify wishes on the bridegroom life. In the thirteenth century, almonds coated with sugar, called confetti, were introduced. Confetti transformed to Jordan almonds, which evolved to the signature wedding favor for weddings. Traditionally, five Jordan almonds are presented in a confection box or wrapped in cloth to reflect wealth, longevity, fertility, health and happiness. The bitterness of the vanilla and the sweetness of the coated candy exemplify the bitter sweetness of a marriage.

Nowadays, gifts to guests are generally called wedding favors and are shared in cultures globally. Wedding favors have complemented ceremonies and receptions alike and have become an part of wedding preparation. Wedding favors are so diverse in elegance, style and theme that choices for favors are only confined to the creativity of the couple . The bride of today has the option.

Many couples want to discuss commemorating so that the guests may remember the special event. Some of those favors include wedding flowers personalized pencils boxes, goblets, candles, vases, and even personalized wedding cameras.

These gifts have created the bride’s ‘to perform ‘ record and climbing the listing.

Demand and the importance for wedding favors have created new business. Wedding favors have surpassed the term ‘trend’ and have become commonplace among today’s weddings.

Traditional Favors

Jordan Almonds ~The taste of raw almonds is coated with the candy coating’s sugary goodness, bringing with it a hope that the life of the bride & groom is much sweet then bitter. Traditions state that almonds should be received in numbers that are odd so that it cannot easily be divide. Once again representing the newly discovered life of the bunch.

Dried Fruit Wedding Favors ~ Representing a complete harvest or life’s bounty, Dried Fruit is a fantastic way to say thank you for taking time to be with you in your special day. Perfect for Outdoor weddings as well as suitable for weddings in Spring & Summer. An easy Tulle & Ribbon tote on your colors make a gorgeous presentation.

Picture frame wedding favors, perfect for a wedding favor.Picture Frames ~ Many couples provide picture frames as gifts. These frames may be put in a mixed favor bag, also utilized as placeholders/seat mission placards, as a member of a centerpiece, or individualized for every guest (typically containing a picture of the bunch and also the guest). These frames are no larger than 4×6, but many couples opt for frames that are larger – particularly if they’re also using them as centerpieces. On incorporating favor frames as placards, for more information, visit the seating assignments page.

Photo albums wedding favors ~ Small photograph albums make great gifts, especially for weddings and small weddings. Couples may want to put one of their pictures inside, for attending or a tiny personalized note thanking the guest.

Bells and other wedding favors ~ It is a long-standing tradition to get guests to receive wedding bells. Traditionally the bell rang the couple would need to kiss. Many couples prefer to put the tradition of their wedding bell ringing to go for the bells. There are also other noisemakers that may be contained as wedding favors such as flutes, horns, and clappers.

Candles Wedding Favors ~ Candles have been a gift to guests for several years. They are of almost any size, shape, or scent. Many couples have them in holders that are ornamental and use votive candles. Additionally, there are specialty candles such wedding candles in a buttercream frosting scent. Some couples will make their candles to contribute to guests. Candles may also be places as part of a favor that is combined. If a unity candle ceremony is involved, the couple may give smaller replicas of these candles used as favors.

Cakery. Cookies, cakes, and pastries wedding favor ~ Edible items have always been a favorite favor. Some couples opt to have cakes or cakes at every table instead of a wedding cake that is traditional. Cookies, cakes, and pastries may be utilized as favors and as table centerpieces. Many couples who opt to use these as favors normally have them. These items are extremely readily customized and can result in tasty desserts (as well as late-night snacks for later!)

Homemade Jams, Jellies, or Preserves Wedding Favors ~ If you make your jams, jellies, or preserves you may want to share your talent with your guests. These tasty favors last a lot longer than edible favors or candies. If you are having a destination wedding, then you may want to think about this favor as well. That way your guests may bring a taste of the destination home.

Candy Wedding Favors ~ One of the popular and most famous favors is candy. Candy is very versatile, and there is truly something for everybody. Couples purchase candy to match their wedding colors. Candy can be put into blended favors, put inside placards, utilized as part of centerpieces and table decorations, and also be made into other forms of favors (e.g. tulle candies roses). Many types of candy are also personalized with the titles of the couple – on the candy or about the wrappers. Chocolate cigars are popular favors representing the groom.

Contemporary Favors

A good example card for charitable contribution favors, from The I Do Foundation. Charitable Donations ~ If you and your guests are especially socially-conscious, you may wish to think about utilizing your favor budget to make contributions to charities in the titles of your guests. A little certificate can be handed explaining the contribution for attending the marriage and thanking them.

Bookmarks Wedding Favors ~ A quick DIY job for any computer savvy bride! Produce a design in your favorite word processing program. Insert the names of the bride & grooms, the place & date and a special poem or saying(typically what you used in your invitation). Save your document file into a disk or flash drive and then take it down to a local stationary or duplicate store(i.e., Kinko’s or OfficeDepot) Pick out 8×11 card stock in the color of your own choice and have your book marks printed. Most shops will have.

Bath & Body Products Wedding Favors ~ Some creative couples may wish to make their bath & body products. These are particularly nice for bridesmaid gifts. The couple gives goods to make a personalized scent and may make their own, or provide personalized goods. These products are fantastic for gift baskets.

Wild Flower Seed Packets Wedding Favors ~ Wild flower seeds are a great way to show your love of character as well as provide your guests something beautiful to check at for a long time to come.

Tea and Coffee Samplers Wedding Favors ~ If you and your spouse are into tasty beverages, you may want to think about tea or coffee sampler packets. This is and a favor that may be appreciated at the leisure of your guest help share some things you like with your guests. Spiced cider hot cocoa, and other beverages make good favors.

Liquid bubbles wedding favors ~ Many couples choose to use bubbles as a means for guests to send off the couple following the reception. These make excellent favors for guests to take together. Many businesses offer bubble containers in fun shapes (hearts, champagne flutes, champagne bottles, wedding cakes, etc.) and several also can be personalized with the few ‘s names and their wedding date.

Items wedding favors ~ In addition to bubbles, some different items can be personalized. Pens, glasses, and small personal items (keychains, money clips, clocks, etc.) may be personalized with the few ‘s titles and usually the event date as well. This provides guests a thing that’s a reminder of the function.

Kitchen/bar accessories wedding favors ~ It is currently becoming increasingly more popular to have kitchen or bar accessories as gifts. Beverage shakers, corkscrews, measuring sets, bottle stoppers, coffee kits, divets, and coasters are only a few instances of these gifts. Many couples opt to customize these with their titles as well. These gifts are particularly popular with couples who have guests.

Little plants Wedding Favors ~ Some couples decide to provide their guests with a gift, such as little plants that are native to the area. This is an especially popular gift for destination weddings. The plants are arranged with notes at every place, as centerpieces on the tables.

Mixed Favors

Favor Bags ~ Favor bags are one of the most popular types of wedding favors. Generally, favor bags include forms of favors. Favor “luggage ” don’t even necessarily need to be luggage – they can also be boxes, shadow boxes, cartons, or any other sort of container. Couples usually opt to include favors that hold significance for the bunch.

Out-of-town Guest Packages ~ Couples with wedding budgets that are big or destination weddings prepare guest packages due to their guests. These favors are placed inside their guest’s hotel rooms, waiting for them when they arrive. The couple normally brings these and a listing to the hotel the day so the cleaning staff may put it in the room. These packages include items unique to often, and the wedding venue the area of maps of the region.