Daniel Dekoter Attorney- What Makes Up A Contract?

There are many questions in law that people have. It is here that they should approach an experienced and skilled lawyer who is well-versed in the subject to guide and help you from start to finish. For instance, when it comes to the law of contracts people regard it to be a very simple document. However, in reality it is not. There are both oral and written contracts. Both of them should have four elements to ensure that they constitute a contract.

Daniel DeKoter Attorney- what are the four elements of a valid contract

Daniel DeKoter is an esteemed civil litigation and business lawyer in the USA. He and his team of dedicated professionals are hardworking and sincere when it comes to the protection of the legal rights of their clients. The Daniel DeKoter Attorney team says that in order to be a contract, the following 4 elements should be present-

  1. Offer and acceptance- A legal contract must have an offer and acceptance by both parties. There should be the willingness of acceptance to the bargain that has been proposed.
  2. Consideration- There should be an exchange of value between the parties to the contract. In case the original contract undergoes a modification, there must be some extra consideration provided to the party who is making the offer.
  3. Both parties should have the capacity to enter into the contract- Both the parties must be mentally sound and not a minor to enter into a contract. The objective of the contract must have a purpose that is legal.
  4. The contract should be legal- The contract that is entered into must be legal and not made for any illegal task or activity that is contrary to the laws of the land. It is important for you to read the contract and ensure that every clause is legal and not against the laws of the state or the land.

The contract that you make should be written. However, certain oral contracts are legally binding however it is hard for you to prove them in a court of law in event of a breach or a violation of contract. In case, you are looking for legal professional to help you, ensure that you hire the services of an expert who is well versed in this field. The lawyer should ensure that all the terms and conditions of the contract is legal before you sign on the dotted line.

Look for a very good business lawyer and ensure that you get the guidance and the consultation you need to create a valid contract that is enforceable and not contrary to the laws of the land. Take time and carefully draft the terms and conditions of the document.

The Daniel DeKoter Attorney team says that when you are entering into a contract, it is very important for you to ensure that you have a good attorney by your side to guide you on the ways to correct a legal contract that is effective and valid in the eyes of law.