Best Pet Hair Vacuums

Best Pet Hair Vacuums

Finding any major appliance for your home can be tricky but looking for the best vacuum for hardwood floors tends to be a draining process for many. Another legitimate gripe is that the cleaning best vacuum for pet hair head does not easily disassemble, so if long hair or string tangles around the brush roll (and it will, because that’s a natural thing that happens with a vacuum), you can’t really pull it out to cut away the hair as you would with many other models.

It has around 1200 watts of great suction power, which is pretty standard for an upright, however I noticed during testing at my local Walmart store that it outperformed the Dyson Cinetic for picking up sandy gravel over a 3 foot square carpeted area.

The Pet Turbo Eraser tool that comes with the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser upright vacuum has a brush to remove embedded dirt and pet hair from any surface you use it on. The LED lighted crevice tool is also a favorite among users for removing hair from baseboards and in between couch cushions.

This vacuum has a powerful suction to effectively clean hard floors without the use of a roller brush, and with its motorized roller brush for lifting out embedded dirt on carpets for the vacuum to easily suck them all up. The vacuum also has LED headlights for users to clearly see the dirt and pet hairs when vacuuming.

After putting in hundreds of hours of research on 330 different vacuums, and testing dozens of them over the past three years, we’ve found that the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 is by far the most effective, reliable vacuum for the price, and will be a great fit for most people in most homes.